Storing Mint leaves (pudina)

Here in US everything you buy comes in bulk, same is the case with mint leaves. The bunch you get is similar to size of the spinach bunch or coriander and many times I don't need the entire bunch :( and not using it within a week or so... decrease the shelf life of the leaves and finally they end up in trash.  Finally I found a great tip to preserve them :) and there is no need to make chutney out of them or dry them or powder them. I have tried this tip multiple times and every time it's been a success.

Here goes the tip
(Leaves stay fresh like this for 2-3 months)
1. Separate the leaves from the stem.
2. Wash them and pat dry them.
3. Roughly chop if leaves are bigger  in size.
4. Take a ice cube tray, and arrange the leaves in it. Each cube should only be 3/4 filled with leaves.

5.  Fill the remaining 1/4 area of cube with cold water.

6. Place it in freezer for couple of hours.

7. After few hours remove the mint cubes from the ice tray and place them in zipper lock bag. Then seal the bag airtight.

8. When you are in need of mint, take a cube out. Defrost it and you have your fresh green mint leaves ready for use :)

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