Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Lately hubby and I have started to incorporate avocado in our daily meals due to its Health benefits. But having guacamole every time is boring . I came across this recipe online and I gave  it a try. Overall the mousse was good but it turned out to be bit bitter due to my instant coffee flavor. Thats the reason I am mentioning instant coffee as optional here. Just play with the ingredients and adjust it according to your taste palette. It's a healthy dessert and you can have it guilt free.

1. 2 ripe avocado small size. If you have medium or large then one should be good.
2. 4 ounce semi sweet baking chocolate  (Be careful and don't use the bitter version)
3. 2 teaspoon olive oil (Original recipe called for coconut oil)
4. 1 teaspoon instant coffee (optional)
5. pinch of salt
6. Nuts to garnish. I used Almonds and Hazelnuts

How I Prepare
1.  Take a bowl, add oil, coffee powder and whisk it. In the same bowl add chocolate and microwave it for 30 secs. Your chocolate should begin melting if not add 15 secs more.
2. In another bowl add avocados and whisk it into a silky smooth paste. Combine both avocados and melted chocolate and whisk it slowly until everything is incorporated. Sprinkle little salt.
3. Divide mousse in small portions and transfer it small serving glass or bowl .
4. Refrigerate for couple of hours and serve it chilli topping it with nuts.

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