Pani Puri(Gol Gappa) - Pani Recipe

Pani puri also known as Gol Gappa is a very popular Indian street food. Being in States we miss eating street food a lot, only few restaurants offer chats here and usually there aren't fresh enough. I generally make the pani at home and get the puri's from the Indian stores. It's easier that way to make it in few minutes. 


1. 5-6 cups cold water
2. handful of fresh pudina leaves
3. 2 green chilli (Increase it if u want it to be spicy)
4. 1 tbsp amchur pwd
5. 1/2 teaspoon chaat masala powder
6. 1/4 teaspoon roasted cumin powder
7. 1/2 teaspoon black salt (this gives the pani the aroma)
8. few strings of fresh coriander leaves
9. 2 teaspoon thick tamarind pulp
10. 1 teaspoon sugar or Jaggery
11. salt to taste

How I Prepare

1. Grind pudina leaves, coriander and green chilli together into a fine paste. Empty the paste in a bowl and use cold water to rinse  jar/blender.

2. Empty the rinsed water in a big bowl, add remaining water and all other ingredients.

3. Stir  water nicely by adding 2-3 spoon of  grinded paste. Taste it and if required add more until you get pani of your taste.

4. Keep pani in refrigerator for few minutes before serving with puri.

1. I don't add all the paste at once because I keep pani to medium spice. While serving I serve the paste as side dish so that if anyone wants more spicy they can just add to their bowl and mix it.

2. While mixing all ingredients to Pani, stir it nicely and taste the water couple of times. Adjust the ingredients quantity as per your taste. Some like it more tangy, some sweet, some spicy so just play with the ingredients. 

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